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Enterprise Level Recruiting | Small Business Pricing

Employer Membership

Complete Recruitment Branding Plans Across the CareerMVP Network.
Our Employer Memberships offer complete recruiting & branding options, the highest sponsor placement on our network & the lowest pricing we offer on any of the hundreds of sites in the CareerMVP Network. For instance, MVP Level Members get 8 listings per month at $32 each saving $96 per listing compared to $128 per listing for non-members. Plus, MVP members have a custom employer showcase & 8 year-round career profiles to recruit their most common positions. And, the first 12 on each city, state, trade & channel site get a complimentary Employer Sponsorship Package. This page should provide you with all the information you need including ‘help’ and ‘contact links’ at the bottom.


Member plans give you all the tools you need to build your employer brand in any target market. Each level of membership gives you better customization options.

Earn Sponsorship

The highest ranking members on each site earn complimentary sponsorship. Every membership comes with 1 city, state, trade & channel site where you can compete for top honors. 

All Post Types

Not just job listings! Posting credits can be used to post employer, career, employee & product profiles as well as jobs, news & events. Even add location, department & trade profiles!


Use posting credits to post any post type on any site in our network. Each post will be cross-posted at no additional charge to the most relevant city, state, trade or channel sites.


1 Employer Bio
1 Career Profile – Any profile type, any network site.
1 Post Credit/mo – Any post type, any network site.
Complimentary Cross-Post to City, State, Trade & Channel
Exclusive Member-Only Discounts 
Site Sponsorship – Eligible below Pro, All-Star & MVP
Set-up Fees Waived for First Time & Current Members


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1 Employer Bio
2 Career Profiles – Any profile type, any network site.
2 Post Credits/mo – Any post type, any network site.
Complimentary Cross-Post to City, State, Trade & Channel
Exclusive Member-Only Discounts
Site Sponsorship – Eligible below All-Star & MVP
Set-up Fees Waived for First Time & Current Members


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1 Employer Bio
4 Career Profiles – Any profile type, any network site.
4 Post Credits/mo – Any post type, any network site.
Complimentary Cross-Post to City, State, Trade & Channel
Exclusive Member-Only Discounts
Site Sponsorship – Eligible below MVP
Set-up Fees Waived for First Time & Current Members


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Enterprise Level Features

Custom Employer Showcase
8 Career Profiles
8 Post Credits/month
Additional one-time posting credits are $64 
Add monthly subscription credits for $32/mo
Complimentary Cross-Post to City, State, Trade & Channel
Sponsorship Lock-in on City, State, Trade & Channel
Set-up Fees Waived for First Time & Current Members
All Enterprise Upgrade Options. Learn more at


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Your Brand, Your Way

Enterprise Level Services & Design
You are incredibly meticulous about your employer brand. And, we love that about you. In fact, we only work with companies who are. You’re the expert on your brand strategy. So, let us know how we can customize any of our packages to fit your needs! CareerMVP Studio offers a complete spectrum of Enterprise Level Services. Learn about our Enterprise services at


Formatting/Design Services & Training
Just like our clients, we have very high design standards & all content must meet those standards. Most clients prefer designing their own visions. So, we have made design & formatting an add-on to member pricing. But no worries, we can easily show you the basics so you don’t have to pay us design charges.  Even so, if you need us to format each post it will be $16 to $32 per post or photo depending on what you need. Need advanced design services? Learn about our Enterprise services at


Ad Agencies

We Welcome Agencies & Agency Clients.
Most of our clients work with Ad Agencies & PR Firms. We encourage that. So, if you do have an agency, we are happy to run everything through them. If you don’t have an agency & would like one, we’re glad to introduce you. And, if you are an agency, we would love to work with you. Agencies, can learn about our services for agencies at

Posting Credits

Any Post Type | Add or Update
Posting credits can be used for any type of post including jobs, news, events, career profiles, employee profiles, location profiles & department profiles. You can refresh posts each month or leave your current posts alone & add additional posts. We let you choose. So if your plan has 4 posts per month, you can either refresh 4 of your current listings, add 4 more listings or any mix of the two that adds up to 4 transactions. Learn more about this & posting strategies below. 


Posting Strategies

Blend Job Listings with Career Profiles.
Every company has positions they recruit year-round. Why should you constantly take the time & budget to post these positions? Use one of your posting credits to post a year-round profile for any position type, department or location. That profile will be featured in the category before any job listings. And, it contains a link to your current listings on your official site. We highlight 4 examples below to utilize in your strategy.

Job Listings

Recruit for current positions!
Job Listings are great for very specific, highly-skilled or rare positions where you have a current need. Job listings stay on until you refresh or replace them.

Career Profiles

Year-round recruiting for top positions.
Highlight your most common positions year-round & save on posting fees. Give applicants information about a popular position type with a deep link to the current openings on your official web site. These are featured above job listings in each category.

Location Profiles

Recruiting for Locations  
Add Year-Round Location Profiles to tell applicants what type employees you hire in that location. Provide a deep link to your current openings on your official site. Each profile is Cross-Posted in the City & State sites.

Department Profiles

Headquarters Recruiting
Add Career Profiles for corporate departments like IT, HR, Marketing, Finance, Maintenance, Mechanical, etc. Featured on the relevant city, state, trade & channel sites.  Provide a deep link to your current openings on your official site.

Content Marketing

It’s not just about Job Listings anymore!
Your posting credits each month can be utilized for a lot more than Job Listings. You can also post news, events, inspirational employee stories, interviews, expert articles, product releases & anything else that supports your employer brand or campaign. Talk about your community involvement, diversity, training programs & anything else that shows why your company is such a great employer. These posts are not limited to 90 days. They stay on as long as you like. Events with dates of course expire once the event is over unless you refresh it for the next time.

News & Articles

Let applicants know your latest.
Show applicants that your company is growing, making things happen, launching new products & getting involved in the community by posting your latest news.

Event Profiles

Put it on the Calendar.
Post hiring events, charities, trade shows & corporate events. Place exact dates & let the events expire or keep them up year-round with an overall description & a link to the current information on your web site.

Employee Profiles

Show the Human Side  
Let applicants see the quality of people you hire. Demonstrate what a successful career path looks like in your company by telling the success stories of current employees.

Product Profiles

They may already love your products!
Your products are what attracts customers to your company. They will also attract applicants who say, “I want to work for the company who makes that!”

All Target Markets

We have dedicated career publications in every state & major city in the US as well as career sections of our business publications in every major city in the world as well as every industry. Each plan gives you membership in a city & its state site as well as the trade & its parent channel site. Compete for sponsorship on those sites. Location Profiles even have a chance at sponsorship of smaller sites. But, you can use your posting credits and career profiles to post to any of the sites in our network.


We have career sites for every medical specialty & medical publications covering each sector of the medical industry.

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Every Industry

We have trade publications in every industry. Recruit experienced passive & active applicants in your industry. 

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Recruit for corporate positions like IT, Finance, HR, Management, Marketing, Sales, Mechanical & Maintenance.

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City & State

We have career publications in every city & state with options to automatically cross-post any & all content.

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2 Months Free

Get 2 months free when you pay yearly on a 45 day invoice. We’ll invoice you for 10 months and give you the package for 12 months. Paying yearly also gives you the ability to use your posts anytime throughout the year instead of earning them monthly.

Setup Fees Waived

We’re waiving our basic setup fees for companies buying for the first time or adding to a package. Choose from our standard designs & provide us with your images & ad copy. We’ll tweak it to get the look you like. For full customization, we’ll give you a quote.

Single Listings

Still want to buy job listings, career profiles or employer profiles 1 at a time? Just visit this link.


Still have questions? Visit the CareerMVP Information Center at